Aliens with Visas

The Internal Journey of Immigrants

Multi media platform about student legal immigrant journey in America. Blogs, interviews, perspectives from students, professionals and lawyers. 

AwV Videos: Guide To Dating

A Guide to Dating..... it's uplifting. Make sure you have it at 720p for that HD experience!

Meera Sinroja (actress) is a vivacious L.A. based performer whose versatility and good humor make any filming experience super fun. Follow this 'determined dater' on Instagram: @meerasinroja
Sandhya Ramachandran (writer, director, editor, producer) is a hyper charged talent pack whose creativity and focus brings fresh ideas to viral realities. Follow this constant creator on Instagram: @sandepantz

Big thanks to Dean Bilchik, our male lead and Miajee Tandoori for allowing us to film in their cosy restaurant.