Aliens with Visas

The Internal Journey of Immigrants

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In this episode, the focus is on actionable steps like going out there and actually finding legal counsel. Liz Profumo and Lorraine D'Alessio of DLG Immigration talk about aspects to consider when choosing an attorney, while also explaining the artist visa from an entry level stand point.

Narrated & Produced by Sandhya Ramachandran
Mixed & Mastered by Navneeth Narasimhan
Music Credits: Flying Pea v.1 by Daddy Scramble

OPT is optional practical training i.e. temporary employment in a student's field of study for the duration of one year, if it is post completion OPT. 
O1 Visa or the artist visa is awarded to 'aliens of extraordinary ability'. 
P1 is the performance visa meant for artists or athletes coming to the US as part of a performance group/athletic team. Not a student transitionary visa.  


  • 01:16 - CPT & OPT = work authorization during time of study. OPT is optional, CPT is needed to get your degree. Trump administration has hinted that an extension may no longer be possible (STEM fields). No impact on entertainment fields. 
  • 03:25 - Compensation is important on OPT, otherwise it won't count towards future visa application. Remember, you are aiming at 'extraordinary' ability!
  • 05:04 - Entertainment industry leans towards project based employment. Full time, multiple year employment offers are rare.
  • 06:23 - For the rest, O1 visa is the way to go as it allows artists to work for multiple employers as long as petitioner is some type of agent - talent agent/manager/business manager
  • 07:55 - Both are important - petitioner and multiple offers. Benefit: there can be a lot of flexibility on terms. Projects to cover the time you need the visa
  • 09:05 - P1 visa or performance visa similiar to O1 but applies to groups. Also international acclaim is required. Not an intermediate visa for a student. 
  • 09:53 - Biggest bottlenecks for artists coming out of school: no. of credits & quality of credits. Assistant positions don't work, primary positions on distinguished productions. Visibility is key.
  • 11:37 - While here, make relationships for job offers. Credits could be worked on even from home.
  • 12:36 - Clear demand for people who are already on top, not entry level especially in production. 
  • 14:45 - Do you know anyone else who got the visa? They could provide you with a collaboration offer. Foreign productions can provide offers. 
  • 16:36 - It all comes down to the A team you put together to conquer US immigration. 
  • 17:25 - Search for attorney: services offered, testimonials, will you have to do the writing and drafting based on templates? Social media is telling, active presence in art community.
  • 24:50 - There exists a framework, but burning question: do you want an American life? 
                                                                   Lorraine D'Alessio (L)  and Liz Profumo (R) of D'Alessio Law Group

                                                                   Lorraine D'Alessio (L)  and Liz Profumo (R) of D'Alessio Law Group

"D’Alessio Law Group is a boutique practice with that real cross-bordered niche of immigration, entertainment, and tech work. We help a lot also with production agreements, talent attachments, artist rights, reviewing and redlining contracts. As a full service immigration company, we help individuals as well as small to large companies – the gamut. We help people surpass borders with their ideas and in person, so it’s pretty life changing!"