Aliens with Visas

The Internal Journey of Immigrants

Multi media platform about student legal immigrant journey in America. Blogs, interviews, perspectives from students, professionals and lawyers. 

Indulge - The New Indian Express, November 2017
This podcast helps international students feel a little less alien

Studying abroad can be messy, complicated and even a little bit lonely – not that many international students would admit it. Sandhya Ramachandran, on the other hand, admits that studying abroad isn’t always as perfect as it may seem. Read More

Deccan Chronicle, March 2017
Unearthing Immigrant Voices

With an aim to ease the life of Indians living in the US, Sandhya Ramachandran, a young Indian filmmaker living in the US, started a project named, ‘Aliens With Visas’, a platform to give voice to theimmigrants themselves, than hear about them through other media. Read More

Tata Cliq, Que Magazine, March 2017
Exploring What It Means To Be A Student Living Abroad

We all know someone who’s gone abroad to study in recent years and we’ve all envied their adventurous lives, as depicted in various social media posts. But viewing someone’s life through Insta filters isn’t the best way to tell what they’re going through. Read More